Main courses

Authentic Latin American Cuisine

Our Latin American menu boasts a variety of exceptional Mexican and Southern American dishes. From full grills to vegetarian and strictly-fish options, our main courses provide something delicous for everyone.

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Main Courses

Featuring some of our favourites old and new
**All the above served with your choice of house chips, latin potatoes, spicy Mexican style rice, lemon & cashew rice or coconut rice.

Tequila Chicken

Chicken flamed with Tequila and smothered in a creamy mushroom & asparagus sauce

Alambre Chilango

Steak, onions, peppers, bacon, red wine & house spices, topped with cheddar, tortilla straws
& sour cream

Coconut & Chilli Chicken

Chicken breast simmered in a coconut & fresh chilli sauce, flavoured with mushrooms & paprika

Havana Stew

Steak, chicken, chorizo & mixed beans, stewed in red wine, tomato & house spices topped with cheddar,
tortilla straws & sour cream

Chipotle Chilli & Honey Lamb

Inspired by the Mexican southeast, cooked for 7 hours, incredible tender lamb shoulder flavoured with honey
and smoky chipotle chilli, served with grilled courgette and yoghurt & chive dressing

Sea Bass

Pan roasted in lemon and garlic and served with a coconut & Tiger Prawn broth

Seafood Shell

Tortilla shell filled with fresh cod, king prawn, king scallops mussels served with a white wine butter sauce


Roasted red pepper, fresh chilli, chorizo & tomato sauce, broccoli florets

Mixed Bean Estafado

Latin inspired vegetable & bean stew, punchy flavours of garlic, chilli, tortilla wraps and cheddar cheese topped with sour cream (v)

Sao Paulo Curry

A Brazilian inspired sweet potato and cashew nut curry, flavoured with coconut and tomato, a secret blend of spices and spiked with lime, chilli & coriander (v)

Mexican Favourites

Mexican style Fajitas

All the fajitas fillings are marinated in lime, garlic and chef’s own blend of herbs and spices before being sauteed with onions and mixed peppers, Fajitas are served with warm tortilla wraps, fresh salad, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

Choose from:

  • Chicken – £12.95
  • Pulled Pork – £13.95
  • Strips of rump steak – £14.95
  • Tiger Prawns – £15.95
  • Vegetable – £11.95

Castros Burritos

Fajita style fillings parcelled in a tortilla wrap brushed with coriander infused olive oil and baked until crisp, topped with rich tomato and herb sauce finished with grated cheddar cheese.

Choose from:

  • Chicken – £12.95
  • Pulled Pork – £13.95
  • Strips of rump steak – £14.95
  • Tiger Prawns – £15.95
  • Vegetable – £11.95

Castros fiery Cajun Enchilada

Fresh strips of your choice combined with onions and peppers cooked in a creamy yet fiery cajun sauce then rolled into a soft flour tortilla and topped with cheddar cheese.

Choose from:

  • Chicken – £12.95
  • Pulled Pork – £13.95
  • Strips of rump steak – £14.95
  • Tiger Prawns – £15.95
  • Vegetable – £11.95

All of the above can be cooked mild if preferred. Our dishes can be changed to suit personal preference, for example – you would prefer your meal without peppers, please inform your server, thank you.

From the Grill

Cooked to your liking, we grill our steaks over coals to give that chargrilled flavour. All served with battered onion rings, mushrooms & house coleslaw and your choice of house chips or latin potatoes.

8 (oz) Fillet


10 (oz) Sirloin


Cajun Chicken


Fidel’s Fillet

Stuffed with mozzarella cheese, fresh chillies and chilli butter

Mixed Grill

8oz peppered rump steak, cajun grilled chicken, masala rubbed pork chop, cumberland sausage,
two fried eggs

Add extras

Stilton, Peppercorn, Diane or Tomato, Jalapeno and Chorizo – £2.95

Chilli butter – £1.50

Fried egg – £1.25

Sides, Salads and Extras

Refried beans: £2.95
Seasonal vegetables: £2.95
Onion rings: £2.95
House chips: £2.95
Latin potatoes: £2.95
Creamed mash potato: £2.95
House mixed salad: £2.95
Goats cheese, tomato & rocket salad: £2.95
House coleslaw: £2.50
Extra chillis: £2.50
Selection of dips: £2.50
Extra tortilla wraps (4): £2.50